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Throughout 2013, the insurance industry maintained its uninterrupted growth trend and closed the year with a growth rate of over 25%.

Having started the year with a record high growth rate of over 20%, the industry maintained its stability until the end of the year and closed the year with growth. Total Premium generated fort he 11 months of 2013 has been over 21 billion TL, which corresponds to a growth rate of over 24%, compared to last year.

Looking at the non-life (elementary) sector, we see a 23% increase and a 26% increase in the total premium generated in the Life branch.

Another increase that is noteworthy is the 29.16% increase in the fire and natural forces insurance premiums. 

Top 5 Companies with Highest Premium Generation
Top five companies with the highest premium generation during the 10-month period of 2013 are as follows: Axa Sigorta ranks number one with a growth rate of 34,01% and a market share of 13,1% and is followed by Anadolu Sigorta which has a growth rate of 19,65% and market share of 10,88%. Allianz ranks third with a growth rate of 39,84% and a market share of 8,14%. In the fourth place is AK Sigorta, which increased its market share by 17,29% compared to last year. Ranking number five is Mapfre Genel Sigorta which achieved an impressive growth rate of 56% and a market share of 5,71%. 

The companies that demonstrated a significant increase in the growth rates compared to year 2012 are as follows: Neova increased its share in the sector by two folds with a growth rate of 99,10% over last year. BNP Paribas Cardif Sigorta and, Axa Hayat ve Emeklilik attracted attention with growth rates of 80% and 62,27% respectively. Another company that made a leap with a growth rate of 57,80% is Halk Hayat ve Emeklilik. 

Total number of liability insurance policies reached 16 million!
Total number of liability insurance policies created as of December 2013 increased by 6,05% compared to last year and reached 16 million. Total number of comprehensive coverage premiums increased by 4,50% and reached over 5 million. On the other hand, total number of life insurance policies increased by 8,42% and reached 22 million.

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