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13.2 million vehicles in traffic are insured in Turkey according to the number of SBM policy information in year 2012.

9 out of Every Ten Automobiles is Insured

According to TUIK data, there are 8,560,374 automobiles, 2,770,262 vans, 234,215 buses, 395,476 minibuses, 751505 trucks, 1,505,939 tractors, 2,651,077 motorcycles and 32,937 private vehicles in traffic. Motorcycles take the first place with 64% (1,695,545) in terms of non-insurance. Tractors and private vehicles follow motorcycles with 57% (864,756) and 45% (14,944), respectively. Automobiles rank first with 93% in terms of non-insurance (only 598,435 out of 8,560,374 vehicles are without insurance).

- 2012 Traffic Policy İnsurance Map Based on Counties -

The most successful province in terms of vehicle insurance is Istanbul with a low non-insurance rate of 8%. It draws attention that the type of vehicles that lack insurance coverage most is motorcycles. Automobiles that have the highest number in traffic are the most successful of their kind with 93% insurance coverage.


- 2012 Top 10 Counties with The Most Traffic Policy -


- 2012 Top 10 Counties with The Least Traffic Policy -


39% of 454 thousand motor vehicles in Manisa enter into traffic without insurance. The most non-insured vehicles are motorcycles.


- 2012 Traffic Policy İnsurance Based on Vehicles -

According to TUIK data, there are 16,901,785 vehicles in traffic as of October 2012. Based on our records in 2012, 3,747,056 vehicles out of 16,901,785 vehicles that are in traffic (22.2%) do not take out traffic insurance.

Please click to access the number of policies and vehicles by all provinces, vehicle types and non-insurance rates. 

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