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​​​​The Undersecretariat of Treasury that wants to prevent the increase in abuses from raising costs incurred by honest insured and insurance industry put forward on 22/12/2009 its Insurance Abuses Information System (SİSBİS) project in the body of Insurance Information and Monitoring Center (SBM).

It supported this project by the regulation that was prepared in the scope of struggle against insurance abuses and entered into force on 1 June 2011. 

If legal grounds occur, insurance abuses after this date will be evaluated as crime as per Article 158 of Turkish Criminal Code concerning “Aggravated Fraud” and actions in the scope of this article will be punished with prison from two to seven years and administrative penalties up to five thousand days.

To this context, actions that may mislead insurance companies such as issuing false Accident Report in particular should be avoided.

If you are suspicious of any abuse, you can inform our Center via the report links in our website.

Information you provide to our system are not shared with third parties.