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Since 1 April 2008, data regarding accidents with material loss only are stored in the databases of Insurance Information and Supervision Center.

Based on data at our center, a total of 962 thousand accidents took place in 2012 in our country and this figure decreased to 854 thousand in 2013. This decrease corresponds to a 11,3% decrease from year 2012 to year 2013.

As it was the case in previous years, Istanbul was the city where the highest number of accidents took place in 2013. 34% of the 854 thousand accidents that took place in 2013 happened within the city limits of Istanbul and Istanbul was followed by Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Antalya and Kocaeli respectively. The least number of accidents took place in Ardahan in 2013. While only 221 accidents took place in Ardahan in 2013, the other cities where the least number of accidents took place were Tunceli, Hakkari, Kilis and Bayburt respectively.


Ümraniye ranks 1st with the highest number of accidents

When Istanbul, which had the highest number of accidents in 2013 is analyzed on the district basis, it is seen that the highest number of accidents took place in Umraniye, which had a share of 6%. Other districts where car accident prevalence is high are Bağcılar, Kadıköy, Küçükçekmece, Bahçelievler and Ataşehir.

 Based on the number of vehicles in traffic, the city with the highest accident density was Kocaeli with its ratio of 9,15%. Kocaeli was followed by Istanbul with a ratio of 9,14%, Bursa with a ratio of 6,43%, and Ankara with a share of 6,22%. The city with the least amount of accident damage was Kilis with a ratio of 0,73%. Other cities with the least accident density were Burdur, Şanlıurfa, Ardahan and Niğde.


Accidents mostly happen between 12 pm- 12:59 pm on Mondays!

Based on SBM data, the majority of the accidents with material loss take place on Mondays. Monday is followed by Friday as the day with the second highest number of accidents.

The time of the day when majority of the accidents take place is 12 pm – 12:59 pm. Also, 14 pm to 14:59 pm is the time period with the second highest number of accidents.

Based on 2013 data, the majority of accidents take place between 12 pm – 12:59 pm in Istanbul. This time period was followed by 14 pm – 14:59 pm and 15 pm – 15:59 pm respectively. In Istanbul, the lowest number of accidents takes place during midnight hours. Only 7 of 1000 accidents take place between 03:00 am – 05:59 am.

Age group of 31-35 makes the majority of accidents!

​Based on accident data from 2013, the drivers in the age group of 31-35 make more accidents than the drivers in other age groups. On the other hand, drivers in age groups of 26-30 and 36-40 are second after the age group of 31-35 in terms of the number of accidents. And the age group that makes the least number of accidents is the age group of 56 and above.

We can't park properly!

Based on accident reports, the most frequent accident scenario is the one where accident takes place with parked vehicles. Statistics show that 21 of every 100 accidents take place with parked vehicles. The second most prevalent accident scenario is where a vehicle collides the other vehicle from the rear side and the ratio of these accidents is 15%. The accidents caused by vehicles coming from the side road to the main road have a share of 9%.

Companies reached a consensus for determining defective fraction!

As we all know the defective fraction for an accident is determined by the insurance companies, which are parties to the accident and incase of a dispute, the final decision is made by the commission. Based on 2013 accident statistics, 11,89% of the accident reports are finalized by the commission while for 88,11% of the accidents the insurance companies could reach a consensus. This ratio was 88,85% in 2012.

More accidents on weekdays!

Data shows that there are more accidents on weekdays than on weekends. According to data from 2013, a total of 2.468 accidents take place on average on weekdays, while the average number of accidents taking place on weekends is 2.039.​

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