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Soon it will be possible to fill accident reports on smart phones.

With the new application called “Mobile Application Report” developed by Insurance Information and Supervision Center, the users will be able to fill their Accident Reports on their smart phones. Known as the first application of its kind in the world, “Mobile Application Report” will be made available to users after September. With this new application, the users will be able to fill their accident reports rapidly and conveniently without needing any pen and paper.

Thanks to the “Mobile Application Report”, which can be filled conveniently after accidents with material damage, report creation time will be minimized and traffic jams caused by accidents will be prevented to a great extent.
Mobile Accident Report Brings Numerous Advanteages
“Mobile Application Report” application will allow the citizens to fill the accident report in electronic environment. This way, the driver will not have to carry an up-to-date accident report form or pen and paper etc. in his/her vehicle.

After filling in their accident reports, the citizens will be able to track the latest updates on their accident report via the same application.

The new application allows the users to access a variety of data just by entering their vehicle license plate number and their Turkish ID number and to fill the form conveniently. Thanks to the directions given by the application, errors in filling accident reports as well will be minimized.

The “Mobile Application Report” application, which brings a great deal of convenience to beneficiaries, will soon be available on smart phones as well.

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