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14 Million Vehicles With Insurance

Liability insurance is obligatory for all vehicles in the traffic.

Every vehicle owner is obligated to renew his/her liability insurance policy before it expires. Vehicles with expired insurance would not be allowed in traffic. Liability insurance covers for the damage that the insured party causes to the other party up to the limit of the insurance policy and in proportion to the fault of the party causing the accident.

The driver causing the traffic accident may have to pay insurance indemnity for the damage given to a third party, up to 2 million 733 thousand 600TL. Despite this big financial burden and despite being mandatory, public still doesn't place the necessary emphasis on the issue.

To avoid finding him/herself in a difficult position due to loss caused to the other party, every driver should have liability insurance in place.

55 Thousand Liability Insurances Per Day on Average

Based on TUIK data, total number of vehicles in the traffic as of December 2013 is 17 million 939 thousand 447. Based on records from 2013, 4 million 43 thousand 786 (22,54%) of the 17 million 939 thousand 447 vehicles in traffic, do not have liability insurance.

Afyon has the lowest number of vehicles with liability insurance and of the 178 thousand motor vehicles in Afyon, 39% are in traffic with no liability insurance. The most successful city in terms of liability insurance is Istanbul with the ratio of vehicles with no insurance being 9%. It is noteworthy that the vehicle category with the highest number of uninsured vehicles is the motorbikes category. Automobiles category, which have the highest number of vehicles in traffic, is the most successful of its kind in this area with an insured vehicle percentage of 91%.

9 out of 10 cars have insurance

According to TUIK data, there are a total of 9 million 283 thousand 923 vehicles in traffic.

​In terms of lack of insurance, motorbikes category ranks first with a ratio of 63%. Motorbikes are followed by tractors and special purpose vehicles with ratios of 55% and 42% respectively. And in terms of having insurance, automobile category ranks first with a ratio of 91%.

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