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Casco Insurance is not Obligation, It is optional

With the casco insurance, owner protects the car for burning, stealing, stealing attempt or damages that can happen after accidents, owners can have this insurance and guarantee only if they want.

Most casco insurance policies are designed to cover the damages for the opponent car and the people inside of that car. All car owners must have casco for stealing or for covering the damages after the accidents.


- 2012 Casco Policy İnsurance Map Based on Counties -

Approximately 12 Thousand Casco Insurances are Made Per Day

According to the TUİK’s October 2012 datas, there are 16.901.785 vehicles on traffic. Acoording to our datas 12.329.160 of these vehicles are non-insured, and that relates to %73,4.

- 2012 Top 10 Counties with the Most Casco Policy -

Kilis is the city with the least casco insurance, only %6 of cars has casco insurance. İstanbul is the most succesful city at casco insurance with a ratio of %48

- 2012 Top 10 Counties with the Least Casco Policy -

We can see that motorcycles are the vehicles with least casco insurance. Trucks are the most succesful vehicles for this area with an insurance ratio of %49.

- 2012 Casco Policy İnsurance Based on Vehicles -

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