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​Private Health Insurance, enables its insured to select the doctors and medical establishment that they wish freely.

Private Health Insurance, enables its insured to select the doctors and medical establishment that they wish freely. While the policy is valid, all expenses relating a accident or a diagnose due to a sickness and treatment are covered regarding the assurances corresponding to the select product.

Relating the economical growth in the recent years, employers are trying and respecting to make their employees private health insurance. Considering the sector; 65 percent of the private sector workers have private health insurance and are in benefit of its turns.​

The Social Security Institution (SGK) is giving all types of health assurances but despite that, it is seen that there is a growth in the number of the private insured.  

From the alternative medical establishments, appointments to doctor’s offices and surgeries can be made quickly.

Through private health insurance it is possible to take medical treatments in establishments that do not have any arrangements with SGK.

Moreover it is warranting a better hotel facilitation in the cases that are demanding lying in the hospital.

As a private health insurance SGK has put the “collateral or supporting health insurance” in operation  that  will be effective in cases  when the medical establishments do not cover or cover partially.

 With the new alignment;

- The health services that their finances cannot be  amounted (esthetic undertakings,  and alternative treatments like acupuncture..)

-Extra charge amounts

-Amounts that can be taken from the patient like hotel pay

Relating the accord which can be made between the health service server and insurance company

The amounts on the health application notice price is taken into the collateral health insurance scope.

 ​For years this model is used by developed countries (Germany, Holland,France..) and due to this model it has been possible to carry the health expenses.

Becoming more conscious in health insurance, the agreements that SGK will make with private hospitals, making the bounding of  “collateral or supporting health insurance” and economical stability, will force the private health insurances spread greatly. 

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