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​SBM (IIC-Insurance Information and Supervision Center) received the Award for “IT Transformation Project of the Year” at HP Discover 2013 that was held in Barcelona this year.


Having become the center of attention with the large-scale and successful projects it commissioned in 2013 and having carried its corporate IT maturity to high levels in a short time, Insurance Information and Supervision Center has been honored with the Award for the “IT Transformation Project of the Year” at the HP Discover 2013 event held in Barcelona. IIC General Manager Aydın Satıcı and IT Director Bülent Geçkin were in Barcelona to join the award ceremony.

ICC is perceived as the “Information Hub” of the sector and the institution has recently redesigned its data center to meet the latest international IT standards. As part of these technological restructuring efforts, ICC upgraded its main database and business intelligence systems, its hardware infrastructure and its data security systems, which also allowed IIC to redesign its services it offers to the sector 24/7.
100% Uninterrupted Service!
Thanks to the project realized in the area of information technologies, IIC is now able to develop and commission its long-needed insurance sector projects much faster. This also allowed IIC to reach its goal of “ensuring uninterrupted service” which is both one of the most important missions of IIC and an indispensible aspect of the business operations of insurance companies.

IIC developed numerous software applications in-house and the institution recently commissioned a series of projects aimed at improving the accuracy, performance and security levels of these software systems, resulting in 100% customer satisfaction.
The new technological infrastructure now ensures full integration of all business and operational processes ranging from receiving requests to provision of service to users.

Target: ISO27001...
While undersigning numerous projects that are critical for the sector, Information Insurance and Supervision Center also improved the maturity of its business processes, which allowed IIC to fully comply with standards such as ITIL, COBIT and CMMI.

As part of the project, business processes of all units of IIC have been analyzed in detail, allowing IIC to redesign all these processes from scratch. Projects such as “Project management”, “Application Life Cycle”, and “Test Automation” brought paperless process administration and process traceability to IIC, improving the dynamism and flexibility of the operational processes of the institution.

All these projects and initiatives allowed IIC’s IT infrastructure to comply with higher standards and formed the groundwork for ISO27001 certification which is targeted for year 2014.
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